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  Russian classical piano teacher,

       Tatiana Matvejeva

Piano Lessons in Arnold Md

Hi, my name is Tatiana (Tanya) Matvejeva and I am a piano teacher with 20 years of experience now offering in-home piano lessons in Arnold, Maryland.  I enjoy teaching classical, jazz, and popular music to beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.  Currently I have piano students ranging in age from 5 to 80, with many of my newer students being home-schooled children.  Seniors and older adults are also increasingly turning toward piano lessons as a way to stay engaged and fulfilled in their later years.

I offer piano lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home since I have found this to be the optimal and most enjoyable learning environment.  In a peaceful home setting,  the student is less distracted and is able to receive all of my attention.  Since I will personally come to your home, there is also the obvious advantage of not having to commute to and from a music school.  To make things even simpler, there are no lesson 'contracts' to sign.  Students simply pay for lessons as they are taken (one lesson per week is typical).

My core teaching philosophy is to make piano lessons enjoyable for students and the learning will progress naturally (although I have the capability to teach at very high levels in a strict manner if needed).  After all, the vast majority of students currently taking piano lessons will not become concert pianists or otherwise make this their vocation, so I firmly believe that not making piano lessons a fun experience is a mistake.  The primary complaint of students I begin teaching is that their "other" piano teacher was far too serious and made the lessons just another stressful event in their day.  There is a fine line for a piano teacher to walk between making lessons both enjoyable and educational, and I have been told by many students that this is probably my greatest gift.  When given correctly, piano lessons are actually a way to unwind and relax ..... a wonderful gift to give your children.

I am originally from Latvia (formerly part of the USSR- Russia) and I received extensive formal classical piano training and piano teaching experience before I moved to the United States in 2000.  Initially I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Piano Performance and Piano Teaching, then focused my skills further by obtaining a Master's Degree specifically in Piano Teaching.  Thereafter, I began teaching classical piano at the Daugavpils Music College in Latvia from 1993 to 2000.  Over these many years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience that has allowed me to effectively teach hundreds of piano students.  Music schools in Russia are renowned for their level of instruction, and I was fortunate enough to have been able to study music in that region during the first part of my life. 

I have always enjoyed teaching piano and observing the joy, happiness, and fulfillment that my students demonstrate.  The piano is a beautiful instrument that offers individuals the chance at unlimited intellectual stimulation and personal growth.  While not often considered by younger students, playing the piano is something that can be done and thoroughly enjoyed throughout the later stages of a person's life.  In fact, piano students over the age of 60 are found to find as much (if not more) enjoyment than students of a younger age.  I greatly encourage senior citizens and older adults who enjoy music and have spare time to consider taking piano lessons.